Donation Form

Thank you for your interest in donating historical material to the Alabama Department of Archives and History. If you have any questions about the donation process, please contact the registrar at

Please complete this form as fully as possible and include photographs with your submission if material is not being temporarily deposited for review. The evaluation process may take up to 90 days, and a staff member may contact you for additional information. (A printable version of this form is available here.)

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Description of Donation Offer
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Audio Recordings
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Books or other publications
Letters, diaries, scrapbooks, ledgers, etc
Size of the donation. (How many boxes or objects are you donating? If you are offering large objects, what are the approximate dimensions?)
Are you donating electronic records? If so, how many GB of data are you donating and how are you transferring the records (hard drive, flash drive, other)?
Date of the material. (If multiple items are offered, list the earliest and latest dates of creation.)
Condition of material:
Excellent (like new)
Good (some wear and tear, but stable)
Fair (worn, some parts missing, minor fading and tears)
Poor (major parts missing, records very faded and torn)
Very Poor (only fragments of the original remain)
Has the material been subjected to unfavorable environmental and storage conditions? Check all that apply:
Extreme heat or cold
Exposure to light (fading)
Water damage
Insects or other pests
Mildew or mold
Cigarette smoke
This collection mostly contains (please select one option below):

Where is the material currently located?

If material is not at the ADAH, how will it be delivered if the donation is accepted?
Who created or owned the material?
Describe the material. What can you tell us about the history of the item(s)?
How does the material relate to Alabama?
Upload representative images of materials to be donated. 

File number limit: 10 single file size limit: 10MB

Allowed file types: Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, image, video, audio

Terms & Conditions

If material is temporarily deposited at the ADAH for review, I understand that the following terms and conditions will apply:

  1. The ADAH will give to material left in its custody the same handling and care provided to similar property of its own, but it assumes no additional responsibilities or liabilities regarding such material.
  2. Insurance will not be carried on materials left in custody. The Temporary Custody Receipt shall constitute a release and waiver of the ADAH, its employees, officers, and agents of any liability in connection with the property during evaluation or in transit, except for clearly negligent conduct.
  3. The material may be photographed and examined by the ADAH for its own purposes, but will not be restored, treated, or otherwise altered unless immediate conservation risk mitigation measures are required to protect our staff or collections.
  4. Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, material deposited for temporary review shall remain in the ADAH’s custody for a limited period not to exceed ninety (90) days after a formal notification is sent.
  5. Materials not accepted for donation should be claimed by the owner or authorized agent within ninety (90) days after notification by the department. If after termination of the deposit date noted above, the ADAH reserves the right to return any declined materials by mail to the owner’s mailing address on file, at the owner’s risk. If material cannot be returned by mail, the ADAH will attempt to contact the owner pursing all possible means of contact and in accordance with any legal requirements. If the owner refuses to accept the return of items held in temporary custody, it shall be deemed Abandoned Property, and the ADAH will institute termination of loan procedures as outlined in Ala. Code § 41-6-73.

I will notify the ADAH in writing of any change of ownership, address, or contact information.


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